Alternative Energies

Clean Air Technologies – Reducing Smog and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Clean Air Technologies division invented and developed Opti-Diesel, a fuel additive which reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency in diesel and bunker fuel engines by using the power of petroleum-soluble catalysts.


Opti-Diesel is a suite of catalysts in an organic solvent carrier. Besides being added to diesel fuel, OptiDiesel also can be used in biodiesel, on wood chips/pellets, and in gasoline engines.  OptiDiesel does not alter the physical characteristics of the fuel it is added to.

In the United States, Opti-Diesel use is restricted to off-road equipment, on ships, in generators, trains, boilers, etc.  It is not legal for use in on-road vehicles (cars, trucks), with the exception of motorcycles.


Green Earth Naturally has completely turned over all rights to manufacturing, distribution, and sales of Opti-Diesel to Opti-Innovations, a company headquartered in Yorkshire, England.  For more information about Opti-Diesel, to place an order, or for any other inquiry, please contact Opti-Innovations at:

Ted Dickin at



Roils Head Road
Norton Tower