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Alternative Energies

Clean Air Technologies – Reducing Smog and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Clean Air Technologies division invented and developed OptiDiesel, a fuel additive which reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency in diesel and bunker fuel engines by using the power of petroleum-soluble catalysts.


OptiDiesel is a suite of catalysts in an organic solvent carrier. Besides being added to diesel fuel, OptiDiesel also can be used in biodiesel, on wood chips/pellets, in gasoline engines, and on coked coal. OptiDiesel is suitable for off-road equipment, on ships, in generators, trains, boilers, etc.

OptiDiesel does not alter the physical characteristics of the fuel it is added to.


Green Earth Naturally has partnered with UTOEP in Yorkshire, England to bring this product to market.  They have taken on the manufacturing and distribution roles of OptiDiesel.

For more information about OptiDiesel, to place an order, or for any other inquiry, they can be contacted at:

Keith Davis at


Lane Head Farm
Roils Head Road
Norton Tower