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EarthCleanz division is dedicated to research, development, and manufacturing of all-natural products including cleaners and disinfectants, products for organic waste digestion and odor control, insect repellents, and feed and water additives for animal agriculture. Our client base includes agricultural operations, kennels, golf courses, food services, government, and a variety of other sectors.

Services Offered


AquaCleanz degrades solids, fats, oils, greases, and other organic contaminants.



AquaCleanz is a dry powder packaged in a water soluble packet. AquaCleanz reduces the levels of solids and soluble nitrogen in fresh water ponds, and controls algae growth. To order on Amazon, click here.


“Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are at Eagle Point with the job the AquaCleanz has done in our ponds this year. The summer of 2012 was a trying time again weather wise for us at Eagle Point. June started off mild, but July we experienced record heat, and August we had rainfall 23 days out of the month. To say the least we had a perfect environment for algae and poor water quality. The AquaCleanz product held up well during the entire season. We had significantly less algae in the ponds we used your product than we had dealt with in years past. We look forward to continuing to use your products in the coming year.”

Many thanks – Sam Green
Golf Course Superintendent
Eagle Point Golf Club, Wilmington, NC


BioDigest is a water soluble powder that is used to digest organic materials such as manure, feathers, hair, food waste, byproducts, etc. BioDigest also helps control unwanted odors from waste lagoons, sewers, etc., by rapidly aerobically digesting the solids that help cause those odors.


“When my customers use BioDigest, their hog waste slurry is nowhere near as thick as normal, so my pumping time is cut in half. I charge by the hour and time is money. On a 2400-head operation, my customers save $500-$1000 in my costs alone, not to mention the added benefit of the slurry having two or three times the normal amount of nitrogen in it. BioDigest doesn’t act overnight, but when you start using it and keep using it, you will save money.”

Travis Wendt
Manure Hauler
Columbus, NE

BioFlavX PGE improves poultry health and performance naturally.

BioFlavX PGE

BioFlavX PGE is an all-natural drinking water additive for poultry that stimulates immune system response, generally improves poultry health, and improves feed conversion, weight gain, and rate of lay.

BLOC controls odors including ammonia.


BLOC (Biological Liquid Odor Control) is a concentrated material meant to be diluted in water and applied to litter, manure, organic wastes, etc. BLOC traps and absorbs odors, and also facilitates microbial/enzymatic destruction of malodorous gases.


BLOC Plus does everything BLOC does, but has added all-natural insect repellent materials. The active ingredient in the insect repellent inhibits a key neurotransmitter in insects, but is completely harmless to pets, farm animals, fish, humans, birds, etc.


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