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Do you have … Large problem algae blooms? Unsightly patches of duck weed? Concerned about water quality in your pond? Excessive Nitrogen and Phosphorus which can stimulate algal growth? AquaCleanz is a dry, all-natural blend of plant extracts, enzymes, and naturally occurring microbes that break down organic matter in your pond and tie up Nitrogen and Phosphorous, preventing excessive algal growth. AquaCleanz is packaged in two ways; in a one-pound biodegradable water-soluble package which will dissolve in the water, or as a loose powder for use in smaller ponds. One pound of AquaCleanz can treat 1 million gallons* of water (approximate size of 1-acre pond 4 feet deep on average). Smaller quantities in water soluble packaging is available upon request.

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For algae control in ponds and lakes.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents algal blooms
  • Reduces organic solids in water
  • Naturally binds Nitrogen and Phosphorous in water


  • Farm ponds
  • Aquaculture facilities
  • Golf course water hazards
  • Agricultural water troughs


  • Reduces ammonia and nitrates in water.
  • All ingredients in AquaCleanz are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS).
  • Easy to use; simply toss the biodegradable pouch in the water and allow it to dissolve.
sam green

We at Eagle Point are pleased with the job the AquaCleanz has done in our ponds this year. The summer of 2012 was a trying time again weather-wise for us at Eagle Point. June started off mild, but July we experienced record heat, and August we had rainfall 23 days out of the month. To say the least, we had a perfect environment for algae and poor water quality. AquaCleanz held up well during the entire season. We had significantly less algae in the ponds we used your product than we had dealt with in years past. We look forward to continuing to use your products.

Sam Green
Golf Course Superintendent at Eagle Point Golf Club, Wilmington, NC

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