Optifuel has proven to significantly reduce emissions while improving performance in motors all around the world and will for you too!

Yes, Optifuel is Safe for use in all Gasoline, Diesel, and Bio-diesel engines.

Up to a 15.53% MPG increase in passenger vehicles
Want more engine torque? Optifuel does it!
Use in:
Cars – Motorcycles – Scooters
Trucks – SUVs – Vans – Buses
Transport & Semi-Trucks
Lawn Mowers – Trimmers – Saws
Generators – Industrial Equipment
And More!

You have questions and our Chemist and Optifuel Creator has Answers!

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What makes Optifuel work?
How is Optifuel Different than all the other products?
How much improvement in fuel economy does Optifuel create?
How much reduction in emissions can I expect?
If Optifuel really works, why isn’t everyone using it?

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