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EarthNet staff works hand-in-hand with engineers, planners and lenders to assist clients in understanding how the previous and current physical features of a piece of property will play into their future plans. We dedicate ourselves to quality, timeliness, and ensuring that our environmental due diligence efforts are aligned with the business needs of our clients. Producing articulate, informative reports for helping developers, real estate agents, banks, and insurance companies make informed decision with property transactions is our specialty.

We are ready and able to help with Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Compliance Audits at sites ranging from undeveloped properties, retail and commercial facilities to large industrial sites.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

The purpose of a Phase I ESA is to help determine previous and current property use as it relates to potential environmental and human health risks. This assessment is critical when considering real estate transactions.

Our knowledge and expertise in investigating, remediating, and closing contaminated sites provides us with a broader understanding of recognized environmental concerns. It also provides an ability to estimate the costs associated issues found when conducting Phase I ESAs. EarthNet’s Phase I ESA reports are written in compliance with ASTM method 1527-13, which is the current Phase I ESA standard, to ensure that our clients receive the most complete site assessment possible.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

When environmental problems are discovered during a Phase I ESA or there may be potential for soil and or ground water contamination, our personnel assist our clients in evaluating the potential contamination by performing testing as part of a Phase II ESA. The purpose of Phase II ESA testing is to determine the presence or absence of petroleum products or other hazardous wastes at the site. Our staff of geologists and environmental scientists possess expertise in Phase II ESA subsurface investigation in a variety of complex geologic settings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Conventional drilling and soil sampling programs, soil vapor studies, and temporary ground-water monitoring well installations are all methods we employ to obtain representative site data and help our clients make informed decisions. Accurate measurement of contaminant levels help define the cost and timeframe of possible future remediation activities. Our Phase II ESAs may also be used as baseline studies to confirm contaminant background levels prior to construction or purchase of a facility.

Environmental Compliance Audits

EarthNet staff has the experience necessary to conduct Environmental Compliance Audits, prepare regulatory permits, and to prepare a variety of spill plans including Spill Prevention, Control and Counter Measures (SPCC) plans, Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plans (SWPP), and Oil Discharge Contingency Plans (ODCP). Our professionals save you time and money, and help to ensure your facility is in compliance with applicable regulations.

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