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clean hog pondDo you want to …

  • Retain additional nitrogen and reduce unwanted odors in manure lagoons and compost piles?
  • Reduce ammonia levels in animal housing?
  • Reduce the volume of organic sludge in your manure pit?
  • Reduce the cost of manure slurry removal?
  • Reduce cost of manure spreading?
  • Improve manure slurry value by increasing Nitrogen retention?
  • Accelerate volume reduction of compost and manure?

BioDigest is a blend of bacteria, enzymes and micronutrients. The wide variety of enzymes in BioDIgest break down fat, fiber, protein (including keratin), and carbohydrates so as to reduce waste solids. Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas bacteria then drive the nitrogen cycle from ammonia to nitrite to nitrate. This process converts a volatile form of nitrogen to a water-soluble, non-volatile form of nitrogen and prevents the build-up of ammonia in the barn.

Reducing solids makes pump-out easier, faster, and reduces costs. In addition, competitive bacteria over grow the area and act to inhibit growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Key Benefits

  • BioDigest significantly increases retained Nitrogen
  • BioDigest reduces overall odor levels in manure storage areas
  • BioDigest reduces ammonia levels in animal housing areas, contributing to improved animal health
  • BioDigest is easy to use, just dissolve in water and apply

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  • Farm ponds
  • Waste lagoons
  • Agricultural waste retention ponds
  • Poultry litter
  • Composting facilities
  • Livestock facilities


BioDigest was designed to be applied in waste treatment pits and lagoons of animal livestock facilities or sprayed over poultry litter in poultry barns. Producers that compost animal waste and animals by products can use BioDigest to decrease odors and flies. It is a dry, all-natural blend of plant extracts, enzymes, and microbes in stasis. Enzymes and bacteria rapidly break down organic matter and convert it into carbon dioxide, water and a range of lower molecular weight organic compounds.

As the organics dwindle endogenous respiration begins which further reduces the solid concentration in the sludge. Nitrogen that normally would be lost is retained in plant-available form.

When my customers use BioDigest, their hog waste slurry is nowhere near as thick as normal, so my pumping time is cut in half. I charge by the hour and time is money. On a 2,400-head operation, my customers save $500-$1,000 in my costs alone, not to mention the added benefit of the slurry having two or three times the normal amount of nitrogen in it. BioDigest doesn’t act overnight, but when you start using it and keep using it, you will save money.

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BioDigest Works [White Papers]

The proof is in the results. Download whitepapers that contain case studies of use in different agricultural environments.

BioDigest was developed by EarthCleanz and is currently manufactured by EarthCleanz for distribution under the BioDigest name. BioDigest has also been private labeled for various distributors under the product names MicroPuran and MicroGest 10x. BioDigest has been field tested by those distributors under the MicroPuran and Microgest 10x product names