If petroleum is involved your solution is PetroClean™!

clean oilDo you have …

  • A difficult spill you can’t excavate because of utilities?
  • Contamination under a fixed unmovable structure?
  • Contamination inside the building?
  • Ex-Situ & In-Situ treatment applications?

Let nature do what it does best!

petroclean tank cleanupPetroClean is a proprietary blend of oil-digesting microbes and organic surfactants. It is a concentrate that is diluted in the field with fresh, clean non-chlorinated water. It can be used in varying concentrations to remediate surface contamination via power washing and scrubbing as well as subsurface contamination via injection. PetroClean effectively bioremediates gasoline, diesel, and heating oil.

PetroClean is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan (NCP) list of bioremediation products to mitigate oil spills. It has also been accepted and approved for use by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for oil spill bioremediation.

PetroClean’s surfactant action reduces water surface tension, allowing oil adsorbed to soil particles or other surfaces to release and form micelles in water. Formation of micelles enhances microbial digestion of petroleum by massively increasing the surface area of the oil in suspension, which enables the oil-digesting microbes in PetroClean to more efficiently and quickly digest the oil. The oil is broken down into carbon dioxide and water, and once the food source (petroleum) is gone, the microbes die off.

Key Benefits

  • For petroleum spills in soil and sumps
  • Degreases everything from small parts to heavy equipment to soaked-in spills
  • Suitable for subsurface injection to remediate contaminated soil


  • Parts
  • Equipment oil leaks
  • Tank leaks
  • Service station drainage systems
  • Garages
  • Around heating oil tanks
  • Soil remediation in situ & ex situ
  • Land Farms
  • Oil/Water separators


  • PetroClean contains microbes that are selectively adapted to degrade petroleum distillates from heavy oils to straight chain alkanes (Paraffins). It degrades lube oils, gasoline, diesel, motor oils, transmission fluids, heating oil, diesel, and crude oil.
  • PetroClean also contains organic surfactants, and growth enhancers to help the microbes flourish.
  • Breaks down oil in oil/water separator tanks.
  • PetroClean residue can be mopped or wiped up, and can be safely disposed of in the trash.
  • and can be safely disposed of in the trash.
  • Requires no special protective equipment to use, other than equipment normally used when cleaning petroleum-based spills and stains.
  • Easy to use, just dilute and apply directly to contaminated surfaces.


PetroClean™ can be applied to any petroleum contaminated soil; around ASTs & USTs, tanks abandoned in place, water catchment areas, oil & gas reserve mud pits, gas station leaks, water treatment facilities, where hydraulic fluid leaks have occurred, railroad ballast, monitoring wells etc.

It can be applied in different concentrations to deal with varying application needs such as non- absorbent surfaces like concrete and asphalt or varying levels of contamination.

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PetroClean™ is a proprietary blend of microbes and surfactants, it is a concentrated liquid mixture with a high microbial colony count. This unique product blend is an application friendly product which eliminates the multi-step mixing recipe processes- just dilute with chlorine free water and use.

The selected microbial blend in combination with surfactant is specifically designed to biodegrade petroleum; from crude oil to gasoline. Spill site augmentation with PetroClean™ accelerates the digestion of free product and dissolved phase product by active microbial colonies.

Bioremeditative consumption extends your reach to areas of unrecoverable product.

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