A proven way to maximize product recovery before bioremediation!

Do you have …

  • A large volume petroleum spill, extensive free product?
  • Need to increase product extraction efficiency?

Surfactants increase the availability of oil by lowering water surface tension enabling emulsions to form more easily.

PetroSurf™ enhances aquifer remediation and is a proven way to maximize product recovery before bioremediation!

petrosurfPetroSurf is a concentrated surfactant material used in-situ to break up and mobilize large quantities of diesel, gas, and heating oil in contaminated soils prior to engaging in bioremediation with PetroClean.

PetroSurf is typically diluted either 1:20 or 1:40 in water depending on the nature of the contaminant and the soil type, injected into the contaminated zone, allowed some residence time to mobilize the contaminants in the soil, and then removed via vacuuming. This process removes a significant amount of free-phase contaminants.

The blue color of PetroSurf aids the operator in telling when the dilute PetroSurf and mobilized oil removal is complete.

After the mobilization/removal process is complete, PetroClean is often injected and allowed to remain in-situ in order to further remediate any residual contamination.

Because PetroSurf is supplied in highly concentrated form, it is more cost-effective on a per-job basis than typical competitor products.



Petroleum mobilization device to alter surface tension of oil in soil.

Key Benefits

  • Product for commercial scale remediation of petroleum contamination


  • Soil
  • Beaches
  • Marshes
  • Any area with a petroleum spill


  • Suitable for subsurface injection
  • PetroSurf contains a blue dye to assist the user in determining when recovery operations are complete
  • Requires no special protective equipment to use, other than equipment normally used during petroleum remediation activities
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How PetroSurf Works

how petrosurf works
The addition of surfactants enables oil droplets to elongate and overcome the capillary forces.

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