About Us

Green Earth Naturally, LLC (GEN) is headquartered at 2314 Ridgefield Street, Roanoke, Virginia, USA, and was formed in May 2008.  James D. Oyler is President of GEN.

GEN was formed when Environmental Directions, Inc., an environmental company that had been in business for over 20 years, acquired the assets and intellectual properties of several existing companies.

GEN is comprised of three divisions:  (1) EarthCleanz – created for the development and distribution of biological products for the agriculture and remedial fields.  (2) EarthNet – full service environmental consulting and remediation division.  Services include above ground and underground storage tank work using proprietary technologies.  (3) Clean Air Technologies – development and marketing of products associated with energy and fuel proven to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

GEN’s purpose is to provide a mix of proprietary “green” technologies, environmental remediation services, and environmental consulting services to give our clients turnkey solutions to their environmental problems.  GEN is fully capable of addressing most environmental issues using all-natural solutions for pollution, animal health, agriculture, sustainability, and energy.  By assuring a natural, clean source of the essential elements (food, water, air), we will assure healthy animals, crops and mankind.  Our client base includes government, oil and fuel companies, transportation companies, housing developments, disaster relief services, food services, agricultural operations, kennels, and a wide variety of other business sectors.

GEN’s vision is to create products and service technologies to help supply the world with clean air, water and food by using all-natural “green” solutions whenever feasible with a goal to create a sustainable environment to meet the needs of the present and future generations have enough natural resources to maintain or improve upon the standard of living.