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EarthNet Services

Your Solution For Our Earth’s Pollution

EarthNet division provides environmental consulting and remediation services.  Our client base includes homeowners, oil distributors and other construction companies.  EarthNet is staffed by highly trained professionals with a total of over 80 years of experience in the oil remediation and consulting field to draw on.

Homeowners and Realtors

Home Heating Oil Tank Services – Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks


Petroleum Services

“EarthNet made my oil spillage problem totally painless.  Gra was pleasant to work with and professional in every way.”  – Michael Cabaniss



Petroleum Services

Environmental Site Assessments

Project Management Services

Asbestos and Mold Services

Remediation Products


Petro is a suspension of oil-digesting microbes in water used for large scale bioremediation of petroleum contamination.


PetroClean degreases everything from small parts to heavy equipment to soaked-in spills.

PetroClean is blend of natural surfactants and oil-digesting microbes for smaller petroleum spills, parts washers, to remove oil staining from concrete, etc.  PetroClean makes oil and grease disappear.  To order on Amazon, click here.


Become a distributor. We are actively seeking distributors for our product line. For more information please contact us at or 540.362.5636.